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Who We Are The who, what and why our company exists

We are Golden Way Media, an always passionate, award winning digital agency who loves to rank beautiful websites in search engines. See below for more information, who knows you might be interested in working with us.

We Transform Brands

Golden Way Media is a specialized multilingual digital marketing company. We set realistic goals and do not believe in misleading our customers. We apply completely tested and perfectly legal methods to optimize your websites. Golden Way Media's qualified multilingual search engine optimizers understand complex search engine algorithm. Our multilingual seo experts are well versed with the algorithms of every major search engine across Internet.

We believe in providing the best results to our customers. Golden Way Media employs a staff of optimization specialists and search engine position programmers to make a website rank high. Search Engine Analysts determine the search engine trends, programmers implement these trends into optimization programs, and optimizers put the programs to work, in addition to manual placement methods, to carefully place and submit clients websites into all of the major search engines and local directories.

We Rank Any Keyword in Search Engines

Our focus is to optimize web sites around the products or services your company is offering, identifying the key phrases people will use to explore the products or services you have to offer.

We employ two types of processes in the beginning of each project such as: working on clients' given keywords or phrases, or applying keyword Metrix in order to determine the most profitable key phrases in a local search engine. This is in case if some of our clients are not sure which keywords or phrases are suitable for their digital marketing campaigns.

One very big advantage we get from this business model is to increase sales and ROI for our clients. Nowadays Google expects a different kind of optimization, so are the other search engines. They all have their own way of ranking algorithms in order to place a website in their search engines based on relevancy of search query.

We're Passionate

Take advantage of our multilingual digital marketing packages. We offer SEO, PPC, Social media management, multilingual article writing, video creation and promotion service.

Awesome Support

Take advantage of our multilingual digital marketing packages. We offer great support and have a strong track record of delivering new ways to help your business and get the best results your wish for. For organic SEO and pay per click ( PPC ) please brief us on your project.

Digital Marketing Services

Each process plays a great role in the branding and sales of your company. All these components are more worth than gold making them an invaluable process for your company.


Search engine optimization

We offer search engine optimization in English, Nordic languages, French and German. We have been helping many businesses' websites in various niches. We rank any keyword in local and/or global search engines. For more information see here: SEO prices or click at contact button and let us know about your project.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

One of the most overlooked authority building strategies for websites is Social Media ranking. The biggest search engines (like Google for example) have altered their algorithms to take a site’s popularity among social networks in account when ranking them in their results pages. This is a very smart thing to do, because if people are talking about your website, or sharing links with their family, friends, and associates, it only makes sense that your site be rewarded for it.

What we’ll do for you is to utilize our unique set of Social Media marketing processes to generate buzz for your brand and boost sales. Getting members of various social networks engaged with your website content is a surefire way to increase the amount of daily traffic your website receives. For more information see here: Social Media ranking or click at contact button and let us know about your project.

Mobile Marketing

Generating sales via mobile marketing

Your business needs a mobile marketing campaign for the same reason that you need a computer and Internet access. Based on our research 43% of users’ internet time is spent on mobile devices, which means simply ignoring the rise of mobile just isn’t an option.

We offer mobile marketing via Google Mobile ad extensions, mobile search ads, mobile image ads and local mobile ad extensions. We do not use SMS marketing anymore. Because it is an outdated practice and do not give a desirable result. What we do for your business is to apply clear and concise strategy, optimize your ads for local mobile searches, target your audience and benchmark results in order to increase sales and ROI for your business. Click at contact button and let us know about your project.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC Ad Management

We manage your PPC campaigns in Scandinavia, UK, France, Germany and USA. When you consider the changing models of PPC strategies on the internet, especially with the frequent changes that Google makes in their algorithms, finding the best way to promote your online business is no easy task. However, there is one proven method that can help you ramp up sales quickly without spending a great deal of money, pay per click advertising. We offer PPC management in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish languages.We also manage your ads in German, English and French. For more information see here: PPC

Click at contact button and let us know about your project.

More About Golden Way Media

Our Culture

We specialize in providing services to companies that need a reliable partner to increase their sales and visibility! Let our great service, excellent pricing and superior support put a smile on your face! Golden Way Media is your one stop service center for online business worldwide.

15 Awards Won
3000 Happy Customers
5000 Multilingual Digital Marketing Projects
365 Days in a Year

Our Services From web design and article writing to SEO, PPC and mobile marketing, we love what we do and we promise to give you the best!

Web Design

Developing websites has always been our passion and main goal since we started the company. Explore our web development here: web design.


Branding, packaging, leave all that to us, we promise to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Send us your brand reputation project here: branding and check out our logo design.


We're not only good at designing digital goodies, we've also lots of experience in print design and photography. If you have photography or infographic we can also submit them. Visit Infographic submission.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization and website analytics are one of our main expertise. We guarantee top ranking of your keywords an dphrases in local and global search engines. Buy SEO services and view SEO prices.We also work on eCommerce websites and perform SEO audit. Social media marketing is included in all our SEO and PPC packages.

Video creation and promotion

We create awesome videos and submit them on targeted video channeles. We also do Video SEO and rank your videos in Youtube and Google. Explore our video creation and voiceover.

Pay Per Click

We offer multilingual PPC ad management service. Let's manage your Google adwords Pay Per Click and Facebook Pay Per Click in order to increase sales and brand awareness. Explore here .

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Our Work We offer cost effective multilingual digital marketing in English, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, German, Spanish and Russian languages. We cover projects related to SEO , social media marketing, PPC ad management, mobile marketing, web design, logo design and multilingual article writing. Publishers and writers can benefit from book marketing packages.
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Basic SEO
  • 1 Keyword or phrase
  • optimization on page and off page
  • link building SEO mixed of PR 1 - 8
  • backend SEO technical SEO
  • Duration of contract 12 months
  • Prioritized Support
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Gold SEO
  • 3 Keyword or phrase
  • optimization on page and off page
  • link building SEO mixed of PR 1 - 9
  • backend SEO technical SEO
  • Duration of contract 12 months
  • Prioritized Support
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