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We offer search engine optimization for Canadian business owners. We focus on driving in traffic that converts to sales. If you look for search engine optimization specialists to work on your SEO projects, then you are landed on the right page. One of the most important offsite SEO techniques is getting the quality backlinks for a website. We apply the powerful proprietary building tactics to get search engines to notice your website and give you the ranking you serve in search engine results pages.

seo canada

If you own a real estate website, we help you to submit your real estate site to real estate directories. We submit your website manually on real estate directories. Golden Way Media offers 100% manual real estate directory submission package. We offer SEO services for realtors, real estate agents, and real estate companies. As we all know many realtors and real estate agents are aware of the fact that the targeted traffic to a website generates not only a better page rank for the site but also generate sales and in most of the occasions helps you to close deals.

Real estate directory submission is a process that can help you to get targeted traffic to your real estate site; this real estate directory submission package has many benefits:

- You receive 100% manual submission

- We submit your real estate web page to targeted niche directories

- This is a 100% SEO friendly process.

- We create profiles for you and check and confirm submissions Reports for Real Estate Directory Submission package

- We send you Screen shots of every Real Estate Directory

- You receive Email account details used for the Real Estate Directory submissions.

- You get report in Excel Sheet of Real Estate Directory Directories to which your website is submitted with category, submission date and registration details. - Live tracking of project Let's get your real estate site promoted on the real estate directories. Order Real Estate Directory Submission package to day We submit your link manually to Canadian directories and send you report along with screenshots of manual submission. What are the advantages, you get targeted Canadian visitors and as a result generate sales.

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