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Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) management

Facebook is an important social media application that can help you grow your business exponentially. This is how major player ecommerce companies have been generating sales by hiring the right experts for their businesses. We manage your Facebook ads and optimize your Facebook campaign. Let's expand your brand in local or global targeted market and generate sales. We write great sales pitch and optimize your ads so that more targeted customers find your products or services This is how we have been growing businesses in local markets.

Facebook ppc management

This service gets you Facebook ads ( along with copy). You also get the option to use advanced strategies, creation of the Facebook pixel, landing pages, workflow integration, and much more.

Facebook PPC Management Packages

Standard $320: Basic Facebook Ad Campaigns for those who are just starting out.

Management duration: 4 weeks
Revisions: 2

Premium $620:Basic + Unlimited Ads + 4 landing pages + Re-targeting (limited)

Management duration: 4 weeks
Social media posts: 5
Revisions: 5

Pro $1220:Unlimited Campaign Management (Unlimited Landing Pages, Pixels, Retargeting, Marketing Automation)

Management duration: 4 weeks
Social media posts: 15
Revisions: unlimited