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Web promotion for Irish Business Owners

Golden Way Media Company is a professional digital marketing agency that promotes Irish websites on both organic and paid search engines and social media outlets. We help you improve your website’s online visibility, you pay per click ROI, manage your paid search account and provide you with an enterprise level Google Analytics implementation. Golden Way Media is one of the leading, and oldest, digital marketing agencies, and can help your business to get maximum exposure on search engines and social media. Our website service provides you with an in depth report on your existing digital marketing efforts. We help you to find the most profitable keywords and phrases which helps you to increase sales and profit.


seo ppc Ireland

We market your product or service online. We apply several strategies such as:

– Creating and Submitting quality videos for your business online

– Ranking your videos and outranking your competitors’ videos ( if any)

– Bookmarking

– Increase social media signals in order to increase your site’s authority

– RSS submissions

– Unique and quality article syndication (25% main keywords, 45% brand keywords) and the rest is using diverse niche related keywords

– Blogging

– Guest posting and drip feed submission.