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We manage your PPC campaigns in Scandinavia, UK, France, Germany and USA. When you consider the changing models of PPC strategies on the internet, especially with the frequent changes that Google makes in their algorithms, finding the best way to promote your online business is no easy task. However,there is one proven method that can help you ramp up sales quickly without spending a great deal of money, pay per click advertising. We offer PPC management in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish languages.We also manage your ads in German, English and French.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising model on the internet that is designed to direct customer traffic to websites. Basically, the publisher of the PPC pays the website owner where the ad is run each time someone clicks on that particular link. PPC ads are also known as “banner ads” and are generally shown somewhere prominent on different websites in order to attract attention.
Using search engine tools, the advertiser bids on the keyword phrases that are relevant to their target audience. They are trying to find the right words that appeal to their target market. PPC Adwords for example can help find the right keywords or phrases for your business, allowing you to better target your market for greater results.
The PPC ads are based on what is known as the “affiliate model” which means that the person who owns the website where the PPC ads are placed no only earns a little money each time the ad is clicked on by a unique user, but they can also earn a small commission off each sale. This creates a win-win for both the advertiser and the website owner. For the advertiser, only a small amount of money is paid when the ad is clicked and then a small commission when the product or service is purchased. If no one clicks on the ad, then no money is paid to the website owner. For the website owner, promoting their own website they can have more people clicking on each PPC banner.

Who should use PPC

If your business offers products or services that the public wants, then you can probably use PPC advertising. You will increase ROI or return on investment, reach more customers and generate more sales.

Best PPC Account Management

Many businesses are now employing a dedicated PPC account manager to increase sales on the internet. The PPC account manager or PPC account management group that you might hire will focus on the right target markets, setting up and organizing your PPC accounts and unleash and analyze the results of your latest PPC campaign, making adjustments along the way.

Who should not use PPC

PPC is currently being used by all types of businesses small and large. Companies that offer a wide range of products as well as those that center on only one. This applies to services as well, from those lasting a lifetime such as doctors for example to those who are only needed once or twice perhaps. In order for your online business to succeed, you need to let the people most likely to purchase your products or services know you are there. PPC advertising targets the right audience and is very low in cost. There is no reason you should wait any longer, make your move to PPC advertising right now, it is the best investment your business can make.

Multilingual PPC Ad Management Service

How can we help?

We are Google Adwords, Google analytics, mobile advertising, shopping advertising certified.At Golden Way Media company we want your campaign to be a success just as much as you do, so our PPC experts will apply unique strategies in order to increase ROI and sales. Let us take the work out of your PPC Campaign. We manage your PPC in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French and English.We design your landing page and create your ads in order to drive in sales. We have been optimizing PPC ad management in various niches such as: multilingual E-commerce stores in fashion and clothing, software design, software companies, online shops, health and fitness, sunglasses, photography websites, art and antiques, travel and hotels.

Explore our PPC ad management packages. We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


Flexible Pricing Plans


£ 350

Monthly Package

  • £999 - £1500/m budget
  • 1 supported platform
  • Google Analytics setup
  • No long term contracts
  • Coordination with SEO
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£ 700.99

Monthly Package

  • £1,500 - £2000/m budget
  • 2 supported platforms
  • Everything in Basic
  • Landing page optimization
  • Call tracking
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£ 1500

Monthly Package

  • £2,000 - £3,500/m budget
  • 3 supported platforms
  • Everything in Essential
  • Ad copy A/B testing
  • Advanced account setup
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