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Video creation

We create awesome videos for your business. Then we rank your video on YouTube and Google for your keywords and phrases. Get a great video that works for you.
we make videos in English, Hebrew, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian languages.

Our pricing for video creation is $45 for up to 60 seconds video and provide one time revision for video creation. Please provide your images and script.

- 10 short lines script
- your images

One will use professional voice over in the following languages:

English: British English, American English,Australian English, Scottish English,South African English

French: Canadian French and European French


Irish = Gaelic

Nordic Languages: Norwegian , Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic

multilingual voice over for video commercials

Approx. length Approx. words Pricing

15 secs. 38 US$45

30 secs. 75 US$61

1 min. 150 US$150

5 min. 750 US$750

10 min. 1500 US$1500

30 min. 4500 US$2000 1 hour 9000 US$2500

Voice over examples in American English & British English

Turnaround 3 days: Good for projects of less than 5 minutes

No Hidden Fees

100% satisfaction guaranteed