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Golden way media will optimize your multilingual ecommerce and will increase your website's traffic by applying multilingual SEO link building,content marketing and social media marketing methods. We apply one way backlink building in multilingual services. You can send your project and specify your target languages, and we do the rest. Why multilingual SEO? People around the world search a keyword in their own language, if you target a country for marketing your product, the chances that you land a customer is more than having a website in only one language. You reach 98% of all web users if you target a keyword in that specific language.<

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There is much translation sites and software that are available for a web site owner to use. Unfortunately, they do not work as well as advertised. There are just some facets of language that software cannot do. Grammar is one of the biggest. This is because most software translators attempt to do a direct translation. This is generally not possible or advisable.

Golden Way Media's multilingual staff is an international composite of individuals that are fluent in 18 different languages. By knowing these different languages, we also know how to reach our audience with the use of SEO. By knowing the different languages, we are well aware that to SEO a site properly the right keywords must be used. Since direct translation does not always work, we know what is what in these languages. As an example, in the Inuit language of the Eskimos there are 11 different words for snow. One way many website owners are expanding their site to multiple languages is the use of sub-domains and sub-folders. Knowing which one is appropriate for your site depends on the makeup of your site. For bloggers, sub-folders receive the greatest benefits from the search engines in terms of ranking. This allows the spiders combine the traffic from all the sub-folders, and the main page to help increase your website's SERPs. Since the translated context is on the same focal point and keywords, your site will get a boost with each visitor, independent of the language they choose.