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In this page you are going to read what our customers wrote about us. But don't just take our word for it, read what actual customers have to say about us to see why we feel good about coming to work every day. We Want to Hear From You!

We worked on the following brands projects:

Vi i Trønderbataljon valgte å bruke Golden Way Media til utforming, design og rådgivning i forhold til å lage våre hjemmesider. Vi hadde ide’er og ønsker, men visste ikke hvordan vi skulle realisere disse på web. Vi har av GWM fått hjelp i fra A til Å. Det være seg valg av webhotell, design av sidene, hva man kan gjøre – og ikke gjøre, hvordan få gode treff i søkemotorene osv.Også i ettertid har vi opplevd rask respons på våre henvendelser. Med utmerket hjelp i fra Golden Way Media har det nå åpnet seg en ”ny verden” med hensyn til profilering på internett. Vi administrerer hjemmesiden, domenet og webhotell vårt selv, og det er faktisk ikke så vanskelig.Anbefaler Golden Way Media om du går med tanker om å lage hjemmeside for din bedrift, eller om du rett og slett ønsker noe spesielt for privat bruk."

Lars Almås/ Trønderbataljon

"Golden Way Media is truly a highly reliable SEO web design! You have been a true catalyst in our growth from the few Web visitors at the initial stages to the current hordes of visitors that our Web site receives every day. That has resulted in our business expanding exponentially! Thanks a million for the many new ways you ensure that our Web site visitors’ experience is qualitatively superior!"

Moses H. Amid

"I am a photographer from Norway and gave my requirement to golden way media in order to design my website. It was a huge project to manage.They did a great job. Thank you golden way media."

Tor Inge Langberg/tilphoto

“Thanks to Golden way media' s excellent Web maintenance services! About a couple of months ago I purchased a SEO plan with Golden way media to promote my production company’s first SEO Web site, and the SEO support team was excellent. We have had numerous visitors and Golden way media has really helped to get my company’s name out there and has greatly improved the reach of our product. Thank you."

Steve J. Olsen Jr.

"When i saw your product templates, tools and e-book I thought great, exactly what I've been looking for."

Angela Davis / LA resell products

"Golden Way Media is great! They helped us with our email marketing campaign and we are doing great. I don't know how much i thank you. I am speechless. I have been purchasing various products to grow my business. Thank you."

Martha Hamilton

“Golden Way Media was there for us every time we needed technical SEO assistance. We may be one of the most frequent callers to Golden way media's technical SEO department for the last couple of months.Golden way media was there for us every time we needed SEO assistance. Their customer service representatives are second to none.Keep up the good work, guys."

James Daidson /The RMR Team

“ Golden Way Media made the most sense.They provided a variety of high-end features at very affordable rates, especially in terms of multimedia support. Quite a few firms made bids to offer streaming and Web services; once we added up the numbers and considered our needs, Golden way media made the most sense."

Reid Rossman/Real Estate Washington DC/USA

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