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About Golden Way Media

Golden Way Media is a multilingual digital marketing company offering multilingual seo, multilingual paid advertising, content writing, video marketing and social media marketing for companies in Europe and North America.

about Golden Way Media

The company was founded on February 9th, 2009 by hyperpolyglot search engine optimization expert Maria Johnsen in Trondheim, Norway. The Company's multilingual search engine optimization service quickly exapnded a year later provided various multilingual services in Europe and North America.

about Golden Way Media

The beginning

In 2002 when Maria Johnsen was an A.I and computer engineering student, her student advisor in Norway advised her to respond to Google's job application on university's job database. This was due to her brilliant programming and language skills. Google has been hiring students in order to help them with increasing their search engine's quality. A few weeks later her application was approved and she received the job offer and this is how she started her SEO journey. Her job comprised of cleaning search engine from porn and spammy content. Back then spam was a way to rank in Google and the other search engines and was filled with pornographic content and images. Since she had knowledge in A.I and robotics she started to push down low quality content from search engine by creating a series of keywords and phrases in different languages in various categories. Some of SEO keywords were such as: multilingual seo, multilingual PPC, PPC Deutschland, seo Norge, SEO Norway, Billig seo, PPC Germany etc. After finishing her education and getting two bachelor degrees and one master degree in computer engineering in 2008, she got offers as a freelancer from many search engines and computer game companies.

Today in 2020 some of her keywords including above cost between $30 to $100 per click in Google ads depending on their competitiveness in local search engine. Thanks to her effort for Google. Gradually agencies including media and advertising companies followed her trend and blue print in multilingual seo and sent her projects.

The Birth Of Golden Way Media

On February 9th, 2009 she founded her company Golden Way Media in Trondheim, Norway. A year later the company expanded internationally offering multilingual seo services in Europe and North America. In 2011 the company made multilingual social media marketing a trend in Europe, North America. On February 2012 the company got involved with political campaigns serving the U.S second presidential campaigns on social media. On June 2013 Golden Way Media's team created the first multilingual social media optimization mainly political campaigns in Europe which generated sales for their clients. On June 2014 the company started multilingual mobile campaigns for eastern European businesses. On June 2015 Golden Way Media achieved fundraising for two causes one related to kids cancer in Chicago, U.S .The nonprofit organization received funds from two investors and partial funds from the Health care sector in the U.S. Another fundraising campaign was related to Water for Life campaign for Red Cross in Norway.

In 2016 golden way media served in favor of various political campaigns in German, Greek, French, Italian and promotion related to the EU Referendum UK. Maria Johnsen decided to expand her knowledge in film and video production, so she studied filmmaking and TV production and got her master's degree from University of London, this is how she founded her film production company in London.

In 2020 Golden Way Media offers different marketing services including film production via its sister company Golden Way Media Films in London, UK.

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