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About Golden Way Media

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Golden Way Media is a multilingual digital marketing company offering multilingual seo, multilingual paid advertising, content writing, video marketing and social media marketing for companies in Europe and North America. February 9th, 2009 the company started by search engine and hyperpolyglot web enthusiast and search engine optimization expert Maria Johnsen in Trondheim, Norway.

The Company's multilingual search engine optimization quickly rose to the top in the world! Golden Way Media created multilingual SEO as a new search engine optimization trend and received many projects worldwide. On October 2011 Golden Way Media established multilingual social media marketing in Europe, North America and Asia. On February 2012 the company got involved with political campaigns. On June 2013 Golden Way Media team created the first multilingual social media optimization mainly political campaigns in Europe which generated sales for their clients. On June 2014 the company started multilingual mobile campaigns for eastern European businesses.

about Golden Way Media

On June 2015 Golden Way Media achieved fundraising for two causes one related to kids cancer in Chicago, U.S .The nonprofit organization received funds from two investors and partial funds from the Health care sector in the U.S. Another fundraising was related to Water for Life campaign for Red Cross in Norway. In 2016 golden way media served in favor of various political campaigns in German, Greek, French, Italian and promotion related to the EU Referendum UK.

On October 2017 Golden Way Media company opened a sister company Golden Way Media Films Production in London, UK Golden Way Media provided film production and web series to companies in Europe. Since 2019 the continues their ongoing multilingual digital marketing and publicity projects.

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