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A logo gives a company a well recognized visual symbol. By placing this image on all correspondence materials, marketing collateral, your website and emails, you give your prospects consistent exposure to your brand. The more people see your logo, the more synonymous the logo becomes with your name and brand which allows you to place your logo on promotional materials and products. This is a stand-alone representation of your business when your name won't fit or doesn't look as good. It is important for your company's success that you have a quality logo design that is accurately reflects your company's vision, aim and message. Your company's logo is your branding. Without the right and relevant logo, you run the risk of portraying the incorrect corporate image for your business.

We have designed logos in the past and learned that quality graphic design logos do not need necessarily be expensive. For this reason we offer unlimited budget logos that represents your company's service and vision.

Well-conceived and -designed logos can be instrumental in building and maintaining a certain image of your brand.We offer affordable logo design and brand recognition for your business.

Silver Logo design

3 concepts

1 revision

Will be submitted within 2-5 working days

Pricing $150

Publishing on car or t-shirt costs $20

Gold professional logo

4 concepts

1 revision

2-5 working days

Publishing on t-shit and car free of charge

Price: $350

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